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Paris 2019

PrePurgatory (1) copy.jpg

The title of the exhibition, Ghost shadows, refers to a phantasmagorical fantasy, an unreal space-time where those of whom we think - whether they are alive or missing - whether we have known them or not, are floating in dark shadows.

These are the incredible stories that capture us beyond the pictorial representation. Each painting is telling a story, a moment of life, a snapshot of some mysterious destiny.

Paintings like Romulus and Remus, Cerberus, Aphrodite or Venus take us to the shadows of in mythology; Joan of Arc or Cleopatra remind us of extraordinary destinies; Dream, Spring, Rupture, or Lambada immerse us in powerful movements. The female figure, with their big hypnotic eyes, is omnipresent in the artist's work. We can feel the weight of their story .... From ancient history to the present moment. 

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