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Paris 2022

La femme Blue La Femme Rose.jpg

The title of the exhibition Myth stories, translates to a phantasmagorical imagination, an unreal space-time, but based on a set of myths linked to a civilization, a religion or a personal theme, the one that nourished his life and his imagination.


Myths tell stories. Whether they are those of mythology, religions - one based on and in the other - They relate not only the origin of the world, animals, plants and humans, but also all the primordial events following becoming the human as it is today.


Maury Samuel, in his paintings, offers a new and very personal version, far from traditional representations.


The female figure is omnipresent in the artist's work (even if male characters appear). With their large hypnotic eyes, we are taken to witness the weight of their history.... Of our history at the present moment.


Myth stories is Maury Samuel's second exhibition in Paris, after Ghost shadows in 2019.

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