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Maury Samuel was born in Israel and moved to the United States when he was in his early twenties to attend college. He was subsequently very successful as an high-tech entrepreneur, founding and selling multiple companies during his business life.​

When the youngest of his three boys left home to attend University, Maury left his business life behind and returned to school. He studied Philosophy and English Literature at Columbia University in New York as well as at Oxford University in Oxford U.K.

In 2010 Maury moved to Paris to study French and travel throughout Europe exploring the local cultures. After five years, he began his writing career and has since published two romance novels, “One Year and One Day” and “Dahya.” Both books have the theme of a multi-generational family saga that portray women of strong character.​

In 2018 Maury became interested in painting. It was a new experience for him as he had never studied art or considered himself an artist.  Beginning with paintings of live models, he slowly migrated to other styles of painting, such as “The Primitive Series,” “The Ghost Shadows Series,” and “The Myth Stories Series.” For his unique style of work he paints using acrylic on canvas and wood, utilizing a variety of devices to pour, mix, smear and overlay the colors. ​

Maury finds the subjects to paint in his studies of Philosophy and History as well as the street people he encounters in Paris, however when starting with a blank canvas he never knows what will emerge, often surprising himself as to the final image.

The use of bold primary colors and strong and vivid expressions, represent the intense emotions, desires, and fears of the characters in Maury’s paintings.

Maury produced three successful exhibitions in Paris, in 2019, 2022 and 2023.


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